Art Trail

The art Trail is now over  – but take a look at the artists and venues involved for 2018 here

Bean Creative – Geraldine Pattinson – Silver Jeweller


Living and crafting right on the North East coast, Geraldine Pattinson’s handmade jewellery combines Sterling silver with the warmth of recycled copper. She is continually drawn to nature and inspired by its textures, imperfections and asymmetry. By melting, texturising and recycling every scrap, she is able to produce unique, tactile pieces. She takes commissions and teaches workshops, find her at and

Venue:  Bean Creative was at Oh Abigail / Daisy Bloom on Chaloner Street, and Makers Market on Sunday



David Drasdo – Photographer 

A photographic documentary about the slowly disappearing World of the Launderette.

David’s work both black and white and colour captures this world.

More info here 

Venue: David was at Oddsocks Cafe and Launderette, on Aukland Street –


Gillian Appleton – Textile Artist

I find I get a lot of joy from being creative. Experimenting with colour and texture gives me the freedom to express how I feel and the use of stitch allows me to add finer details which I am unable to obtain with paint.


Gillian Appleton was at:

Leven Crafts, Chaloner Mews, Chaloner Street





John Hatfield – Visual/Abstract Artist 

John is a self-taught local painter who captures the human landscape in its abandon. Flexing the bones and dripping the sinews of potent body landmarks.

John was at : Sitting Room, Church Street

Information and opening times here

John was selling and performing on the Art Market.


Kev Howard – Artist Photographer

Kev Howard is a professional photographer with over twenty years experience working in most aspects of photography but predominately working in fine art figurative, urban and rural landscapes, documentary and performance photography. Kev’s recent work d-FORMED is a stunning new exhibition exploring the surgical and aesthetic aspects of his own disability and its societal implications.

Keva was at : Dandies and Dames, Westgate


Lynette Rooks – Abstract Artist and Photographer

It Spreads … I am a visual artist living and working on Teesside. Since graduating from Teesside University in 2012 I have steadily developed my practise of working only from my own original source material… This work is a set of abstract fine line drawings representing the spread of austerity, spreading like a cancer across our country, affecting our poorest and most vulnerable people… The fragile delicate lines represent the fragility of the complicated lives we lead.. Each one of us is one of these threads connecting one another…. Spread kindness instead of condemnation, love instead of hate… I’d like my drawings to represent this… alas I cannot… Lynette Rooks 2018

Lynette is a Guisborough based photographer and freelance artist, as Lynearty. She works at minute scale to produce large artworks.

More info here

Lynnette’s work was at : Sitting Room, Church Street


Nigel Dobbyn

Nigel is a Guisborough designer, Illustrator and poet.

I tried so hard,
Again and again,
To create something
In that vein.

To replicate your style,
Your beauty and your bile,
But all my arteries got clogged,
My pitiful attempts by failure dogged.

I died, an unloved, unmourned hack,
The victim of a fatal art attack.

Nigel was at : Sweet Temptation, Chaloner Street and doing cartooning workshops in the library.


Susan Noble –  Artist / Printmaker

Born in Guisborough, Susan is a North-East based printmaker working mainly through the medium of reduction linocut printing, using just one block and a process of overprinting to produce a complete range of tones and colours. She produces limited edition prints with short runs which are available via her website.



Susan was at : Guisborough Bookshop, on Chaloner Street, and the the Art/Makers market on Saturday. 

Details & opening times here.


Susie Tindale  – Ceramicist


I am a ceramic artist from Guisborough,

I make both domestic pottery and ceramic sculpture. I mainly enjoy making animals sometimes lifelike sometimes humanised. I’m trying to do more human sculptures and finding it to be a slow process but enjoyable . Currently I’m looking for new ways of colouring my work ….. a challenge but exciting .

Susan was at: Cat’s Whiskers on Chaloner Street


More details here 


Suzie Devey – Artist Printmaker

I carve my linocuts and draw beyond midnight in my Artavan in my garden at Chop Gate, finding solitude, solace and wonder in the creation of a plate as it is prepared for printing. During the day I pack up my inks, papers and rollers and wander across hills or through streets to print the essence of the world around me in steel grates or ancient oak tree stumps  I seek out patterns as a backdrop to the midnight carvings and return to show such work in a way that it becomes urban or rural fabric of a place. Susie Devey

FB page Linkedin

Suzie was at : Priory Bistro, Chaloner St Info/ opening times here 



The Ink Corporation – David Owen – Artist Image maker 


David Owen is an artist and musician originally from Leeds but now living near Whitby.

His background is in advertising and graphic design.

His work is mainly focused on folk music and folklore.

Most of this work would be described as Pop Art or Graphic Art, but he has been been known to do street art, book cover design, record sleeves and collage.

Influenced by the work of Peter Blake, Shepard Fairey and Joseph Cornell

contact :

The Ink Corporation were at : The Monk, Church Street.



September Made -Tracy Reeve – Photographer and Textile Artist

My name is Tracy Reeve of September made.  My work consists of a mixture of digital photography and illustration with embroidered textile work. I use Instagram as ‘September_made’ to show my influences, work development and finished pieces that I have created.
Most of my work is inspired by the beautiful coast life around us. I spend hours photographing the landscapes, the wildlife and plant life which I then study and sketch until my drawings develop into something I can create in textiles. It is important to me to reuse old materials as much as I can in my work, up-cycling old textiles to stitch.
September made were at  : No. 30 Westgate, Guisborough