Time for some Thank-yous

We’d like to thank

Everyone who came along, and braved  the weather, who joined in with cartooning singing and dance workshops, watched the evening event and performances and came to the markets. We hope you enjoyed our little festival, the first of many we hope.

Huge thanks to all the performers, artists and sellers, many of whom gave their own time , often for free. To all the venues who supported us and allowed us to have artwork and events in their businesses. To the local library and to Jenny and Guisborough Methodist Church.

To all those who helped made this happen. to the Co-operative Communities Fund and the local councillors for their funding, to Tees Valley Arts for supporting us in our Funding applications and managing our funds.

To John Cornwell from Proportion who put in far more hours than he was contracted for and designed all the logos , banners and leaflets and to local printers Thurtson Printers and Tees Valley Arts  for the printed material. To Sylvia for filming the event.

And Finally – on a personal note – to the team of people who worked with me to help me make an idea I had into a reality. To all those who came to meetings and supported the project, Tees Valley Arts for putting up with me and being super-supportive employers, and to Emma, Helen and particularly Rebecca Denniff, without whom this wouldn’t have happened at all.  And to my family who carried on when I was missing a lot! You’re amazing humans.

Miki x

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